Relief for TMD Muscle Pain

TMD-induced muscle pain can become so distracting that it can begin to take control of sufferers’ lives. Chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, be it sharp or dull, can seep into unexpected parts of life. A dysfunctional temporomandibular joint can lead to daily discomfort and affect the way people look, act, and speak. Luckily, there is the hope of relief for TMD muscle pain through specialized advanced treatment at Palmetto Smiles of Beaufort.

What Is TMD Muscle Pain?

TMD stands for temporomandibular joint disorder or dysfunction. This disorder is anchored in dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, or jaw joint. Because this joint allows such a wide range of motion and is used regularly, it is more susceptible to inflammation and deterioration. As the body begins to compensate for this dysfunction, surrounding muscle groups take on additional strain to support the jaw. TMD muscle pain can affect:

  • Facial muscles, including those involved in chewing, swallowing, yawning, and smiling
  • Neck muscles, which can lead to noticeable stiffness and reduced range of motion
  • Shoulder muscles, which can lead to poor posture, hunching, and future back problems

How Pain Can Interfere With Life

Living with TMD pain can be hard. This chronic pain can make smiles less frequent and change the way people interact with their friends and family. Pain is distracting and often leads to people becoming frustrated with their condition which can lead to outbursts and mood swings. TMD pain can disrupt sufferers’:

  • Appearance, in day to day life and in pictures
  • Happiness, facial muscle pain can make smiling painful leading to lower happiness overall
  • Work-life, chronic pain in the face, neck, and shoulders can make physical labor and sedentary work more challenging
  • Relationships, chronic pain can increase the frequency of outbursts and conflicts with friends and family

Muscle Pain Relief

Relief from TMD symptoms can be a long road to recovery. While pain can be managed through prescription drugs, this treatment plan does not target the root cause of the pain. Therefore, pain relief that strictly focuses on pain management is only a short-term solution. Real relief comes from resolving the source of the pain at its root, the temporomandibular joint.

TMD Pain Relief Treatment in Beaufort, SC

Chronic pain from TMJ dysfunction can derail a sufferer’s livelihood. People suffering from TMD pain shouldn’t suffer in silence. There are several treatment options available through Dr. Wallace’s practice at Palmetto Smiles of Beaufort. If you’re suffering with TMD pain, contact our office via the contact form on our website or by phone at (843) 410-0345.

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