Restoring the Bite Relation Of Worn Teeth

Worn-down teeth affect more than just the aesthetics of a smile. Many people who struggle with grinding their teeth at night can attest to the reality that the side effects can be felt in several other places. One of the best ways to approach this problem is through restorative dentistry. Restoring the bite relation of worn teeth supports better dental alignment and can improve temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) symptoms.

Restorative Dentistry

How can we restore teeth after wear down as a result of grinding and mitigate the effects of TMD? One option is restorative dentistry and rebuilding the smile. Restorative dentistry can take various shapes and sizes depending on the patient’s needs. Some of the restorative options available at Palmetto Smiles of Beaufort include:

  • CEREC one-visit crowns and custom porcelain restorations
  • Dental bridges and implants
  • Tooth-colored fillings

Bruxism as a Cause and Effect

Bruxism, or grinding one’s teeth, can be both a symptom and cause of TMD. While malocclusion or jaw underdevelopment are usually present beforehand, grinding away of the teeth can exacerbate bite relation issues or result from joint strain. As teeth wear away, the person grinding loses their dental balance as teeth no longer fit together the way they once had.

Teeth Grinding Symptoms

Chronic teeth grinders often experience a plethora of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Not only do teeth grinders see the shape and size of their teeth deteriorate, but they often report:

  • Regular headaches
  • Migraines
  • Clicking and popping jaw joints
  • Head, face, and neck pain
  • Fatigue and poor sleep quality
  • Muscle tension and pain

Using advanced restorative dentistry techniques such as CEREC, Dr. Wallace can begin rebuilding her patient’s smiles. Not only does this restore teeth to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, but it can also alleviate chronic pain, headaches, and other symptoms associated with TMD.

Restoring Bite Relation at Palmetto Smiles of Beaufort

Dr. Wallace specializes in Physiologic Dentistry, which combines cosmetic dentistry with functional, advanced orthodontics to provide patients with a smile and teeth that are beautiful and work correctly. Call (843) 410-0345 or fill out a form on our contact page to schedule your appointment today.

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