Facial Symmetry and the Golden Ratio

One of the easiest ways to recognize Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is recognizing facial asymmetry. A dysfunctional jaw is reflected by a dysfunctional appearance. This noticeable effect can be seen in a person’s dental alignment or “bite.” Dental misalignment causes strain on other facial structures such as muscles, nerves, and joints. Strain in turn leads to discomfort which quickly evolves into what we know as TMD. One of the most recognizable models for facial symmetry is the Marquardt mask.

The Marquardt Mask

The Marquardt Mask divides the face into a series of symmetrical polygons based on the golden ratio. According to Dr. Marquardt, beauty is universal and beautiful faces conform to the golden mask.

What We Can Learn About Symmetry From This Model

The Marquardt mask uses symmetrical geometric shapes to outline the “ideal” location of facial features. While the mask does not retain the significance Dr. Marquardt intended it for, it does act as a model for facial symmetry. When a face is asymmetrical, that physical appearance is often indicative of an underlying functional misstep. Asymmetry means that supporting structures are unbalanced and that leads to strain and discomfort.

Asymmetry Treatment

Dr. Wallace can help treat asymmetry through the use of dental appliances and facial remodeling. By approaching the issue of asymmetry with a focus on the bite and optimized alignment, patients typically experience significant relief from the chronic jaw and facial strain they had become so accustomed to. Fading TMD symptoms and improved cosmetic appearance are also highlights of this approach as beauty and function work together to create healthy smiles.

TMD Symptoms

TMD is notorious for being hard to diagnose. Symptoms can take hold in many locations, oftentimes in places patients wouldn’t suspect. For example, TMD can cause symptoms in the following locales:

  • Head: Headaches, migraines, facial pain
  • Neck: Neck pain, cervical dystonia, painful swallowing
  • Ears: Ear pain, ear congestion, vertigo, dizziness
  • Jaw: Jaw locking, temporomandibular joint pain, worn or chipped teeth, clicking and popping of the joint
  • Body: Fibromyalgia, generalized anxiety, tingling, numbness

Find Solutions for Facial Asymmetry at Palmetto Smiles of Beaufort

Dr. Wallace is equipped with advanced training in cosmetic and TMJ specialized neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Wallace can help patients experience significant pain reduction and newfound beauty in their smiles. For more information about facial symmetry and TMJ treatment, set up an appointment today by calling (843) 410-0345 or visit our contact page here.

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