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Jenn’s Slideshow


Jenn’s Story

“I get so emotional every single time I look at or talk about my new smile!! This is something I have been dreaming about for over 10 years! Finally, thanks to my wonderful boss, and dentist, Dr Wallace, and the encouragement of my friend Patty, who was my dental assistant, my dream came true!”

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Lori’s Slideshow


Lori’s Story

“Anyone that knows Lori knows that she loves to laugh and smile. Well now she really has a lot to smile about! Lori suffered for years with ‘TMJ’…the symptoms are not only a popping or painful jaw but also included for her were daily symptoms of : headaches/neck aches, ear congestion, clenching, waking with headaches that extended from above her eyes to the back of her head, tingling/numb fingers that felt cold, difficulty chewing hard foods, and at times not able to open very wide. Lori took OTC meds for years to try to deal with the symptoms from her headaches and ears feeling clogged. Dr. Wallace was the first dentist that ever asked her about her symptoms and told her that they were related to her bite, or the way her upper/lower jaw come together. Her old bite was over closed by about 4 mm causing her pain related to TMJ symptoms. Her new bite today-corrected by placing new porcelain crowns on all her teeth-has her jaw joint/muscles in a comfortable place and pain free.”

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Randy’s Slideshow


Randy’s Story

“I can’t thank you all enough for the dramatic change in my teeth. Not only do they look infinitely better….they chew better too!”

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Clear Aligner Braces