Laser Gum Therapy

Treating periodontal infection has advanced with technology that allows our dental office to treat periodontal disease with a non surgical approach by using a periodontal laser.  The periodontal laser uses light energy to decontaminate the diseased gums and promote the reattachment and strengthening of the gums to the teeth.  This sophisticated laser will remove the “bad” bacteria and leave the “good” bacteria, and the laser has been proven to be more effective than antibiotics since there is no bacterial resistance to the laser.  This prevents further bacteria from entering the pockets and minimizing the infection.  The procedure is painless and does not the cut the gums. Determining on a patient’s periodontal diagnosis, we are able to identify how many laser therapy appointments a patient will need.  Patients are given home care instructions to assist the laser in promoting healthier tissue by proper removal of plaque which is one of the culprits of periodontal disease.  Upon the completion of the periodontal laser therapy appointments, the patient is placed on a more frequent maintenance cleaning to closely monitor and stabilize the patient’s periodontal health.